new Cesium.PeliasGeocoderService(url)

Provides geocoding via a Pelias server.
Name Type Description
url Resource | string The endpoint to the Pelias server.
// Configure a Viewer to use the Pelias server hosted by
const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
  geocoder: new Cesium.PeliasGeocoderService(new Cesium.Resource({
    url: '',
      queryParameters: {
        api_key: '<Your API key>'


Gets the credit to display after a geocode is performed. Typically this is used to credit the geocoder service.
The Resource used to access the Pelias endpoint.


Name Type Default Description
query string The query to be sent to the geocoder service
type GeocodeType GeocodeType.SEARCH optional The type of geocode to perform.
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