new Cesium.KmlTourFlyTo(duration, flyToMode, view)

Transitions the KmlTour to the next destination. This transition is facilitated using a specified flyToMode over a given number of seconds.
Name Type Description
duration number entry duration
flyToMode string KML fly to mode: bounce, smooth, etc
view KmlCamera | KmlLookAt KmlCamera or KmlLookAt



Returns options for Camera#flyTo or Camera#flyToBoundingSphere depends on this.view type.
Name Type Description
cameraOptions object options to merge with generated. See Camera#flyTo

play(done, camera, cameraOptions)

Play this playlist entry
Name Type Description
done KmlTourFlyTo.DoneCallback function which will be called when playback ends
camera Camera Cesium camera
cameraOptions object optional which will be merged with camera flyTo options. See Camera#flyTo
Stop execution of curent entry. Cancel camera flyTo

Type Definitions


A function that will be executed when the flight completes.
Name Type Description
terminated boolean true if KmlTourFlyTo#stop was called before entry done playback.
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