new Cesium.ModelNode()

A model node with a transform for user-defined animations. A glTF asset can contain animations that target a node's transform. This class allows changing a node's transform externally so animation can be driven by another source, not just an animation in the glTF asset.

Use Model#getNode to create an instance.

const node = model.getNode('LOD3sp');
node.matrix = Cesium.Matrix4.fromScale(new Cesium.Cartesian3(5.0, 1.0, 1.0), node.matrix);


readonly id : String

The index of the node.
The node's 4x4 matrix transform from its local coordinates to its parent's.

For changes to take effect, this property must be assigned to; setting individual elements of the matrix will not work.

readonly name : String

The value of the name property of this node.

originalMatrix : Matrix4

Gets the node's original 4x4 matrix transform from its local coordinates to its parent's, without any node transformations or articulations applied.

show : Boolean

Determines if this node and its children will be shown.
Default Value: true
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