static Cesium.LagrangePolynomialApproximation.getRequiredDataPoints(degree)number

Given the desired degree, returns the number of data points required for interpolation.
Name Type Description
degree number The desired degree of interpolation.
The number of required data points needed for the desired degree of interpolation.

static Cesium.LagrangePolynomialApproximation.interpolateOrderZero(x, xTable, yTable, yStride, result)Array.<number>

Interpolates values using Lagrange Polynomial Approximation.
Name Type Description
x number The independent variable for which the dependent variables will be interpolated.
xTable Array.<number> The array of independent variables to use to interpolate. The values in this array must be in increasing order and the same value must not occur twice in the array.
yTable Array.<number> The array of dependent variables to use to interpolate. For a set of three dependent values (p,q,w) at time 1 and time 2 this should be as follows: {p1, q1, w1, p2, q2, w2}.
yStride number The number of dependent variable values in yTable corresponding to each independent variable value in xTable.
result Array.<number> optional An existing array into which to store the result.
The array of interpolated values, or the result parameter if one was provided.
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