new Cesium.GetFeatureInfoFormat(type, format, callback)

Describes the format in which to request GetFeatureInfo from a Web Map Service (WMS) server.
Name Type Description
type string The type of response to expect from a GetFeatureInfo request. Valid values are 'json', 'xml', 'html', or 'text'.
format string optional The info format to request from the WMS server. This is usually a MIME type such as 'application/json' or text/xml'. If this parameter is not specified, the provider will request 'json' using 'application/json', 'xml' using 'text/xml', 'html' using 'text/html', and 'text' using 'text/plain'.
callback function optional A function to invoke with the GetFeatureInfo response from the WMS server in order to produce an array of picked ImageryLayerFeatureInfo instances. If this parameter is not specified, a default function for the type of response is used.
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