new IonSdkMeasurements.HorizontalMeasurement(options)

Draws a measurement between two points with the same height.
Name Type Description
options Object An object with the following properties:
Name Type Description
scene Scene The scene
units MeasureUnits The selected units of measurement
locale String optional The BCP 47 language tag string customizing language-sensitive number formatting. If undefined, the runtime's default locale is used. See the Intl page on MDN
points PointPrimitiveCollection A collection for adding the point primitives
labels LabelCollection A collection for adding the labels
primitives PrimitiveCollection A collection for adding primitives


readonly distance : Number

Gets the distance in meters

readonly icon : String

Gets the icon.

readonly id : String

Gets the id.

readonly instructions : Array.<String>

Gets the instruction text.

readonly thumbnail : String

Gets the thumbnail.

readonly type : String

Gets the type.



Destroys the measurement.


Handles click events while drawing a horizontal measurement.
Name Type Description
clickPosition Cartesian2 The click position


Ends drawing on double click.

handleMouseMove(mousePosition, shift)

Handles mouse movements while drawing a horizontal measurement.
Name Type Description
mousePosition Cartesian2 The mouse position
shift Boolean True if the shift key was pressed


true if the object has been destroyed, false otherwise.


Resets the measurement.
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