new Cesium.Geocoder(options)

A widget for finding addresses and landmarks, and flying the camera to them. Geocoding is performed using Cesium ion.
Name Type Description
options object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
container Element | string The DOM element or ID that will contain the widget.
scene Scene The Scene instance to use.
geocoderServices Array.<GeocoderService> optional The geocoder services to be used
autoComplete boolean true optional True if the geocoder should query as the user types to autocomplete
flightDuration number 1.5 optional The duration of the camera flight to an entered location, in seconds.
destinationFound Geocoder.DestinationFoundFunction GeocoderViewModel.flyToDestination optional A callback function that is called after a successful geocode. If not supplied, the default behavior is to fly the camera to the result destination.


Gets the parent container.

searchSuggestionsContainer : Element

Gets the parent container.
Gets the view model.


Destroys the widget. Should be called if permanently removing the widget from layout.


true if the object has been destroyed, false otherwise.

Type Definitions

Cesium.Geocoder.DestinationFoundFunction(viewModel, destination)

A function that handles the result of a successful geocode.
Name Type Description
viewModel GeocoderViewModel The view model.
destination Cartesian3 | Rectangle The destination result of the geocode.
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