new Cesium.Command()

A Command is a function with an extra canExecute observable property to determine whether the command can be executed. When executed, a Command function will check the value of canExecute and throw if false. This type describes an interface and is not intended to be instantiated directly. See createCommand to create a command from a function.


Gets an event which is raised after the command executes, the event is raised with the return value of the command as its only parameter.
Default Value: undefined
Gets an event which is raised before the command executes, the event is raised with an object containing two properties: a cancel property, which if set to false by the listener will prevent the command from being executed, and an args property, which is the array of arguments being passed to the command.
Default Value: undefined

canExecute : boolean

Gets whether this command can currently be executed. This property is observable.
Default Value: undefined
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