internal constructor new Cesium.I3SNode()

This class implements an I3S Node. In CesiumJS each I3SNode creates a Cesium3DTile.

Do not construct this directly, instead access tiles through I3SLayer.


readonly children : Array.<I3SNode>

Gets the children nodes.

readonly data : object

Gets the I3S data for this object.

readonly featureData : Array.<I3SFeature>

Gets the collection of features.

readonly fields : Array.<I3SField>

Gets the collection of fields.

readonly geometryData : Array.<I3SGeometry>

Gets the collection of geometries.
Gets the parent layer.

readonly parent : I3SNode|undefined

Gets the parent node.
Gets the resource for the node.
Gets the Cesium3DTile for this node.



Returns the fields for a given feature
Name Type Description
featureIndex number Index of the feature whose attributes we want to get
Object containing field names and their values


Returns the fields for a given picked position
Name Type Description
pickedPosition Cartesian3 The picked position
Object containing field names and their values


Loads the node fields.
A promise that is resolved when the I3S Node fields are loaded
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