internal constructor new Cesium.ModelNode()

Use Model#getNode to get a node from a loaded model. Do not call the constructor directly.
A model node with a modifiable transform to allow users to define their own animations. While a model's asset can contain animations that target a node's transform, this class allows users to change a node's transform externally. In this way, animation can be driven by another source, not just by the model's asset.
const node = model.getNode("Hand");
node.matrix = Cesium.Matrix4.fromScale(new Cesium.Cartesian3(5.0, 1.0, 1.0), node.matrix);


The index of the node in the glTF.
The node's 4x4 matrix transform from its local coordinates to its parent's. Setting the matrix to undefined will restore the node's original transform, and allow the node to be animated by any animations in the model again.

For changes to take effect, this property must be assigned to; setting individual elements of the matrix will not work.

The value of the name property of this node.
Gets the node's original 4x4 matrix transform from its local coordinates to its parent's, without any node transformations or articulations applied.
Determines if this node and its children will be shown.
Default Value: true
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