new Cesium.ClippingPolygon(options)

A geodesic polygon to be used with ClippingPlaneCollection for selectively hiding regions in a model, a 3D tileset, or the globe.
Name Type Description
options object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
positions Array.<Cartesian3> A list of three or more Cartesian coordinates defining the outer ring of the clipping polygon.
ellipsoid Ellipsoid Ellipsoid.WGS84 optional
const positions = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromRadiansArray([

const polygon = new Cesium.ClippingPolygon({
    positions: positions


Returns the ellipsoid used to project the polygon onto surfaces when clipping.
Returns the total number of positions in the polygon, include any holes.
Returns the outer ring of positions.


static Cesium.ClippingPolygon.clone(polygon, result)ClippingPolygon

Clones the ClippingPolygon without setting its ownership.
Name Type Description
polygon ClippingPolygon The ClippingPolygon to be cloned
result ClippingPolygon optional The object on which to store the cloned parameters.
a clone of the input ClippingPolygon

static Cesium.ClippingPolygon.equals(left, right)boolean

Compares the provided ClippingPolygons and returns true if they are equal, false otherwise.
Name Type Description
left Plane The first polygon.
right Plane The second polygon.
true if left and right are equal, false otherwise.
Computes a cartographic rectangle which encloses the polygon defined by the list of positions, including cases over the international date line and the poles.
Name Type Description
result Rectangle optional An object in which to store the result.
The result rectangle
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