new Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata(resourceOrUrl)

Provides metadata using the Google Earth Enterprise REST API. This is used by the GoogleEarthEnterpriseImageryProvider and GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider to share metadata requests.
Name Type Description
resourceOrUrl Resource | String The url of the Google Earth Enterprise server hosting the imagery


True if imagery is available.
Default Value: true
Key used to decode packets

negativeAltitudeExponentBias : Number

Exponent used to compute constant to calculate negative height values.
Default Value: 32

negativeAltitudeThreshold : Number

Threshold where any numbers smaller are actually negative values. They are multiplied by -2^negativeAltitudeExponentBias.
Default Value: EPSILON12
True if imagery is sent as a protocol buffer, false if sent as plain images. If undefined we will try both.
Default Value: undefined
Dictionary of provider id to copyright strings.
Default Value: {}
Gets the proxy used for metadata requests.

readonly readyPromise : Promise.<Boolean>

Gets a promise that resolves to true when the metadata is ready for use.
Gets the resource used for metadata requests.
True if terrain is available.
Default Value: true
Gets the name of the Google Earth Enterprise server.


static Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata.quadKeyToTileXY(quadkey)

Converts a tile's quadkey used to request an image from a Google Earth Enterprise server into the (x, y, level) position.
Name Type Description
quadkey String The tile's quad key
  • GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata#tileXYToQuadKey

static Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata.tileXYToQuadKey(x, y, level)

Converts a tiles (x, y, level) position into a quadkey used to request an image from a Google Earth Enterprise server.
Name Type Description
x Number The tile's x coordinate.
y Number The tile's y coordinate.
level Number The tile's zoom level.
  • GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata#quadKeyToTileXY
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