new Cesium.MetadataEnum(options)

A metadata enum.

See the 3D Metadata Specification for 3D Tiles

Name Type Description
options object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
id string The ID of the enum.
values Array.<MetadataEnumValue> The enum values.
valueType MetadataComponentType MetadataComponentType.UINT16 optional The enum value type.
name string optional The name of the enum.
description string optional The description of the enum.
extras * optional Extra user-defined properties.
extensions object optional An object containing extensions.

This feature is using part of the 3D Tiles spec that is not final and is subject to change without Cesium's standard deprecation policy.


readonly description : string

The description of the enum.

readonly extensions : object

An object containing extensions.
Extra user-defined properties.
The ID of the enum.
The name of the enum.
The enum values.
The enum value type.
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