new Cesium.CullingVolume(planes)

The culling volume defined by planes.
Name Type Description
planes Array.<Cartesian4> optional An array of clipping planes.


Each plane is represented by a Cartesian4 object, where the x, y, and z components define the unit vector normal to the plane, and the w component is the distance of the plane from the origin.
Default Value: []


static Cesium.CullingVolume.fromBoundingSphere(boundingSphere, result)CullingVolume

Constructs a culling volume from a bounding sphere. Creates six planes that create a box containing the sphere. The planes are aligned to the x, y, and z axes in world coordinates.
Name Type Description
boundingSphere BoundingSphere The bounding sphere used to create the culling volume.
result CullingVolume optional The object onto which to store the result.
The culling volume created from the bounding sphere.


Determines whether a bounding volume intersects the culling volume.
Name Type Description
boundingVolume object The bounding volume whose intersection with the culling volume is to be tested.
Intersect.OUTSIDE, Intersect.INTERSECTING, or Intersect.INSIDE.
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