new Cesium.Cesium3DTile(tileset, baseResource, header, parent)

A tile in a Cesium3DTileset. When a tile is first created, its content is not loaded; the content is loaded on-demand when needed based on the view.

Do not construct this directly, instead access tiles through Cesium3DTileset#tileVisible.

Name Type Description
tileset Cesium3DTileset The tileset
baseResource Resource The base resource for the tileset
header object The JSON header for the tile
parent Cesium3DTile The parent tile of the new tile


Get the bounding sphere derived from the tile's bounding volume.
Gets the tile's children.

readonly computedTransform : Matrix4

The final computed transform of this tile.
The tile's content. This represents the actual tile's payload, not the content's metadata in the tileset JSON file.
The date when the content expires and new content is requested.

expireDuration : number

The time in seconds after the tile's content is ready when the content expires and new content is requested.

readonly extras : object

Returns the extras property in the tileset JSON for this tile, which contains application specific metadata. Returns undefined if extras does not exist.

readonly geometricError : number

The error, in meters, introduced if this tile is rendered and its children are not. This is used to compute screen space error, i.e., the error measured in pixels.
Gets the I3S Node for the tile.
This tile's parent or undefined if this tile is the root.

When a tile's content points to an external tileset JSON file, the external tileset's root tile's parent is not undefined; instead, the parent references the tile (with its content pointing to an external tileset JSON file) as if the two tilesets were merged.

The tileset containing this tile.
The local transform of this tile.
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