new Cesium.PlaneGeometry(options)

Describes geometry representing a plane centered at the origin, with a unit width and length.
Name Type Description
options object optional Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
vertexFormat VertexFormat VertexFormat.DEFAULT optional The vertex attributes to be computed.
const planeGeometry = new Cesium.PlaneGeometry({
  vertexFormat : Cesium.VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY


static Cesium.PlaneGeometry.packedLength : number

The number of elements used to pack the object into an array.


static Cesium.PlaneGeometry.createGeometry(planeGeometry)Geometry|undefined

Computes the geometric representation of a plane, including its vertices, indices, and a bounding sphere.
Name Type Description
planeGeometry PlaneGeometry A description of the plane.
The computed vertices and indices.

static Cesium.PlaneGeometry.pack(value, array, startingIndex)Array.<number>

Stores the provided instance into the provided array.
Name Type Default Description
value PlaneGeometry The value to pack.
array Array.<number> The array to pack into.
startingIndex number 0 optional The index into the array at which to start packing the elements.
The array that was packed into

static Cesium.PlaneGeometry.unpack(array, startingIndex, result)PlaneGeometry

Retrieves an instance from a packed array.
Name Type Default Description
array Array.<number> The packed array.
startingIndex number 0 optional The starting index of the element to be unpacked.
result PlaneGeometry optional The object into which to store the result.
The modified result parameter or a new PlaneGeometry instance if one was not provided.
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