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Cesium Release Roundup May 2019

This month we released the Cesium ion REST API and made huge improvements to 3D Tiles streaming performance. Below are some of the highlights of our major releases and product upgrades.

Cesium ion Updates

The most exciting addition to ion this month was the new REST API. This makes it possible to automate everything you can currently do in your ion account, so for example you can automatically tile and display new data as you collect it!

This also includes OAuth 2.0 support, so you can allow your users to securely use data from their own ion account with your app.

Sign up for a free account if you’re new to Cesium ion.

Amazon Lumberyard Bistro

Amazon Lumberyard Bistro, Open Research Content Archive (ORCA), is an example of a multi-gigabyte model that can be optimized, tiled and streamed on the web with ion’s 3D Tiling pipeline and REST API.

CesiumJS 1.57 Release

Some highlights from the CesiumJS 1.57 release are:

  • Improved 3D Tiles streaming performance, resulting in ~67% camera tour load time reduction, ~44% camera tour load count reduction. And for general camera movement, ~20% load time reduction with ~27% tile load count reduction. Tile load priority changed to focus on loading tiles in the center of the screen first.
  • Added support for the KHR_texture_transform glTF extension.
  • Add CZML processing for heightReference and extrudedHeightReference for geometry types that support it.

As well as various bug fixes. For the full list of changes to CesiumJS, see the change log.

CesiumJS 1.79.1
57 MB | Mar 01, 2021

Powered by Cesium

We’ve seen some exciting updates in the Cesium community this month. Systems Tool Kit (STK), the flagship software at AGI (the company that founded Cesium), has added support for 3D Tiles. Users can now visualize massive CAD models, entire cities defined in CityGML, and massive photogrammetry models at centimeter resolution, all thanks to 3D Tiles.

Another awesome highlight from the Cesium community is Rayman Ng’s visualization of dynamic wind data fused with terrain on a 3D globe.

Visualizing dynamic wind data with Cesium World Terrain.