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Denver skyline from the air with mountains in the background, taken in Unreal

Digital Twins

Create accurate and stunning 3D virtual worlds

Digital twins are essential to impactful digital transformation. The Cesium platform makes it easy to combine your 3D data with our global 3D terrain, buildings, and imagery, and to stream to apps that facilitate collaboration. Create dashboards that provide in-context 3D geospatial visualization informed by metadata and real-time data feeds, simulate and analyze spatial change over time, and create immersive experiences.

Success stories

The Cesium platform jumpstarts digital twin development

Build better with the Cesium platform

A model of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Cesium ion makes it easy to combine your synthetic data, sensor feeds, and other 3D content to create an up-to-date digital twin. Include Cesium 3D global content and Cesium's accurate WGS84 globe to place your location in context.

Project Anywhere Union Station in Denver

Take simulation quality to a new level of visual impact and accuracy. Use Cesium ion and Cesium for Unreal to easily add high-fidelity 3D data, like this photogrammetry from Aerometrix, into your UE project. Bring remote team members and audiences together in an engaging virtual world.

The Smart Construction dashboard, showing point clouds of a construction site on top of a base map

Use CesiumJS's visualization and measurements, integrated with your preferred partners for classification and other analytics, to enable monitoring that makes sense of the massive influx of information and to predict and solve problems. Collaborate on web-based apps that run on all your devices.

Cesium is the platform for 3D geospatial