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Cesium is a team of passionate individuals working together to build the open metaverse through innovation, collaboration, customer focus, and continuous learning. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out, you’ll get to work on interesting and challenging problems.

Cesium team member Hannah Pinkos teaches Alex to juggle at a refactor event in 2021.

There’s a reason I’ve been here for eight years and counting

“I started working at Cesium as an intern, and now I'm responsible for overseeing our Cesium ion SaaS platform which handles over 40 million requests a day.  Throughout my 8+ years at Cesium, I'm constantly facing new challenges and interesting problems to solve, giving me the opportunity to continually learn new things and grow both personally and professionally. From the beginning, I've felt like my input is valued and my contributions are impactful, as I've seen the amazing things the community has done with the innovative technology I had a hand in developing. I'm excited to see what the future of Cesium has in store.”

~ Hannah Pinkos, Cesium ion

Bao Tran, Nithin Pranesh, and Erixen Cruz at a Cesium team outing

I wake up every day ready to change the world

“My favorite thing about being a 3D graphics developer at Cesium is the tangibility of my work. I love being able to see months of hard work come together to create an immersive 3D world. It’s rewarding to enable visual experiences that everybody, regardless of their background, can relate to. It takes no amount of technical description or jargon to show people what we do at Cesium, we bring the entire geospatially-accurate Earth into video games, simulations, and virtual experiences of any kind. At Cesium, we put a lot of focus on making geospatial experiences accessible for everybody, not just experts.”

~ Nithin Pranesh, Cesium for Unreal

Gabby Getz, Patrick Cozzi, and Sean Lilley on a Cesium Smart Construction site visit.

Opportunities everywhere

“Here, I get to step up and take on opportunities that I would have a hard time imagining being available anywhere else. It’s amazing how quick that allows you to grow and learn. Through the Smart Construction team, I built both my technical abilities and communication skills exponentially. I’ve worked on cutting edge projects that allowed us to forge paths and set standards. And I’ve traveled the world representing Cesium.”

~ Gabby Getz, Smart Construction

Alex Gallegos and Lisa Bos at a Cesium team refactor in 2021.

I've been working long enough to know what's important to me in a company

“I chose Cesium because it has all those things: visionary leadership; a culture that values collaboration, quality, and hard questions; smart, engaged colleagues; products I'm proud of and that are a force for good; and work that exercises my intellect and creativity. I'm incredibly happy with my choice.

3D and geospatial were new to me when I came to Cesium, and immersing myself in this space was challenging and inspiring. I'm constantly learning, but also bringing all my previous experience to bear.

I'm on a team using cutting edge geospatial and VR technology for the digital transformation of a mature industry - construction. This means I'm front and center for the realization of the metaverse, but in a concrete way that helps real people, right now.”

~ Lisa Bos - Product Management

Cesium team member Peter Gagliardi hard at work

I'm happy to work at a company that is committed to open standards and open source software.

“As a developer on the 3D Tiles team, we write specifications to enhance this open standard, and create reference implementations in CesiumJS. We're building a future not only for Cesium, but anyone who wants to stream massive geospatial datasets for the web.

I also enjoy the collaborative atmosphere at Cesium. Designing specifications involves plenty of whiteboarding, discussions, peer review, and engaging with community feedback. All our successes are big team efforts.”

~ Peter Gagliardi, 3D Tiles


At Cesium, we value diversity and believe that experience comes in many forms. Even if you aren't sure you meet all the qualifications for a role, we encourage you to apply.


  • Cesium headquarters in Philadelphia

    Competitive salary & equity

    Our team is our greatest asset. Everyone has a competitive salary, 401k match up to 6%, and a stake in the company's success via stock options.

  • Members of the Cesium team at the Phillies game, summer 2021

    Time off

    Enjoy 15 vacation days and 12 paid holidays, including a winter break, each year. Time away helps us all work better.

  • Some members of the Cesium team at Bury the Hatchet in Philadelphia

    Health & well being

    We offer up to 100% coverage for health, dental, vision and short term/longterm disability insurance for you and your family.

  • Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi speaks to members of the team at Cesium headquarters in Philadelphia

    Learning & development

    We'll support your participation in peer-led workshops, conferences, and other opportunities for career growth. We'll even stock your bookshelf in the form of Kindle or Audible credits.

  • Cesium team member Sarah Chow and baby Samuel in a custom Cesium onesie made by team member Hannah Pinkos

    Parental leave

    Take six weeks paid leave and six weeks unpaid leave anytime over the first year after the arrival of your newborn or adopted child. Expect some Cesium baby swag too!

  • Pancake breakfast! First Friday of every month at Cesium headquarters in Philadelphia

    Good Eats

    Shared meals build community and fuel collaboration. Sample a diverse selection of Philly cuisine at our frequent team lunches. (And help yourself to the pantry full of healthy snacks and drinks.)

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