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An aerial view of untextured models of 3D buildings, colored by year they were built

Real Estate

3D geospatial brings insight and connection to place

Real estate decisions depend on location-specific data, such as nearby demographics. A 3D experience communicates this information more effectively and creates an emotional connection. Real estate solution providers choose Cesium to help them combine the data, visualization, and analytics that generate insight and excitement.

Success stories

Build better with the Cesium platform

Simulate the experience of being there with CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal.

An aerial view of Boston in which the buildings are untextured white 3D models and with labeled street names

Using Cesium ion, combine your high-resolution drone data and BIM models with global 3D content to rapidly create a digital twin that can be accurately visualized in a real-world environment.

In the realistic 3D geospatial context, display property availability, price, and other factors that support decision-making.

The Cesium platform is the foundation for transformative 3D geospatial solutions