Cesium enables developers and data providers to build dynamic 3D geospatial applications

3D data is all around us. Today this data is being collected at astonishing rates, every second of every day, by sensors on satellites, aircraft, cars, drones, and nearly everything. But we're hardly doing anything to use this data. With Cesium we want to change this and unleash the power of this 3D content by creating a platform that makes it easy for developers to use this data in their applications.

3D from the ground up

3D is not 2D + 1. We live in a 3D world and that context needs to be preserved to provide key spatial insights in your data.


Seeing change over time is key to understanding what's happening on the ground - whether that's at a construction site, in a war zone, or to our sea levels with climate change.


We first built Cesium to track satellites orbiting the Earth, and we couldn't afford to be off a millimeter. Precision is baked into every component of Cesium to make sure real-world data is always accurately represented.

High performance

3D geospatial datasets are among the biggest of the big data. Using cloud computing, parallel programming, and GPUs, we build everything with performance in mind.


3D geospatial data is important across industries, all with specific needs. Cesium is built with extensive APIs and open standards to empower developers to build unique experiences, no matter their use case.

Open core

At its core Cesium is an open platform, and we adopt, contribute to, and create open standards with industry consortiums to facilitate collaboration wherever possible - and mobilize our ecosystem.

An End-To-End 3D Geospatial Solution

Cesium is a complete platform for 3D geospatial data - handling everything from optimization to visualization to analytics. At the heart of our platform is 3D tiling, which transforms massive and diverse 3D geospatial data into streamable 3D content ready to be used in your application and in any environment.

More and more people are using Cesium, across industries and for many different purposes. The Toyota Research Institute uses Cesium to create accurate simuluations of road environments captured by sensors on its autonomous vehicles. Propellor uses Cesium to visualize ultra high resolution digital twins from drone data for remote site inspections, and each year NORAD, one of our earliest adopters, uses Cesium to track Santa's path around the world on Christmas Eve.

Cesium Platform Overview

Tiling & Hosting

Cesium ion

Cesium ion is a robust, scalable, and secure cloud platform for tiling and hosting data. Upload your content and Cesium ion will optimize it, tile it into web-friendly formats, host it, and stream it out to any device.

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CesiumJS is an open-source Javascript library for creating world-class 3D globes and maps with the best possible performance, precision, visual quality and ease of use.

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Runtime Analysis

Analytics SDK

The Cesium ion SDK JavaScript library extends the open source CesiumJS JavaScript library, and includes additional 3D analysis tools and ready-to-use UI widgets.

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Why Cesium?

Making 3D data accessible

3D geospatial data is more readily available than ever, at higher resolutions, and captured over periods of time. However, this data is often individually held or not widely available. We're working to change that by allowing you to bring your data into Cesium and fuse it with a growing number of 3D data sets that we provide directly and through partnerships with 3D content providers.

Bring your own data

Cesium's robust and performant pipelines tile your data and stream it in 3D in the cloud or on private networks - whether you have point clouds, photogrammetry, CityGML, 3D buildings, BIM, CAD, design models, terrain, or imagery.

Curated data

Search through our growing library of curated data for base layers, such as global terrain, that can act as a canvas for your own data in Cesium.

Data partners

We collaborate with data partners to provide additional datasets for use in Cesium and to combine with your own data.

Not All 3D Content is Created Equal

We saw a need for formats specifically designed for 3D geospatial visualization - and the unique needs of massive, precise, 3D data at a global scale. So we developed a number of open standards and specifications for streaming massive 3D datasets — most significantly 3D Tiles.

3D Tiles is now an OGC Community Standard , and core to Cesium's tiling pipelines. It's interoperable with other platforms and tools, and we love seeing its adoption grow. As the creators of 3D Tiles, we know the specification inside out, and leverage it for optimal tiling, streaming, and visualization.

Enterprise Solutions

Many of the tools and features that power our cloud platform are also available for offline and on-premise use. Contact our sales team to discuss what your project needs - we're happy to find the best solution for you.

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