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Cesium Certified Developer Program

The Cesium Certified Developer program recognizes the technical expertise of developers who build on the Cesium platform, and grows the ecosystem to enable even better geospatial applications. 

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The certification program is free and open to anyone. It does not require exclusivity to Cesium.

Benefits of the program include official credentials, certification branding for your website, being featured on Cesium’s website and ecosystem graphics, access to commercial Cesium products, and content to use as part of Cesium platform proposals. Your feedback will also help drive Cesium’s product roadmap towards maximum impact for the community.

The program will enable you to learn, connect, build, and share your apps and solutions with customers and partners.

Apply for Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started by applying here. Once you have submitted your application, we will email you a project submission form to demonstrate your experience in Cesium.

You can apply for team or organization certification once your team has five certified developers or 25% of the team is certified, whichever is lower.

Certifications are valid for one year. You will be required to learn about Cesium’s platform and product updates to renew again.

No, the program is free. It is meant to benefit the community by facilitating connections that will enable even more world-class 3D geospatial applications.

No, you keep all revenue earned from business opportunities you work on, including the ones that Cesium may share.

As a Cesium Certified Developer:

  • You will receive official credentials recognizing you as a Cesium Certified Developer.
  • You will have access to a Cesium Liaison, who will provide roadmap updates and share and enable business and co-marketing opportunities.
  • You will be featured on Cesium’s website, allowing the community to discover your work and services for their business needs.
  • You may be part of Cesium’s ecosystem updates and communications, which will highlight your work to a global audience.

The Cesium Liaison’s main goal is to help you succeed. In addition to regularly scheduled video conferences, you will have access to their direct email to contact them for anything Cesium related.

The Cesium Community is always growing, with more integrators, businesses, and end-users solving problems using the Cesium platform. As the community grows, so does the demand for excellent developers with experience building on Cesium. This program highlights certified developers and empowers new customers to discover your work, products, and services.

Cesium’s growth and success are deeply rooted in the community. As a company, Cesium’s strategy is to focus on our core expertise, innovating at the intersection of 3D graphics and geospatial, to enable the community to build solutions to new challenges.

By introducing the Cesium Certified Developer program, Cesium can redirect interest in Cesium’s services to capable certified developers who are experts in their domains. This allows Cesium to stay focused on building great products, open standards, and interoperability that will drive the foundational technology and innovation which benefits the community and applications you build.

No, you will receive certification for the parts of the Cesium platform for which you apply.

Participating in the Cesium Certified Developer program does not require exclusivity to Cesium. We encourage you to use the best platform that addresses your customers' needs.

No. Your application and project submission will remain confidential. We will also ask for your approval before including your team in our Certified Developer Directory.

Look at our Certified Developer Directory to find developers that have already become certified. We certify new developers regularly, so check back often and stay tuned for updates to the community.

Content and code examples at are available under the Apache 2.0 license. You can use the code examples in your commercial or non-commercial applications.