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Meet the Cesium Certified Developers

As the Cesium community grows, so does the demand for excellent developers with experience building on the platform. These developers have demonstrated Cesium expertise. Use this directory to discover their work, products, and services.

  • Air Force Research Lab's GRILL

    AFRL’s Gaming Research Integration for Learning Lab (GRILL) mission is to conduct integration efforts and training research using game-based technology to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the people defending our nation.

  • Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd.

    Bac Ha Software has been uninterruptedly offering services to worldwide clients. With the aid of the latest technologies, we provide customers with the optimum solution to meet their needs and requirements. Bringing out the best applications for customers’ projects is our ultimate goal.

  • Botts Innovative Research, Inc.

    Botts Innovative Research, Inc. (Botts-Inc) specializes in the design and application of open standards for sensor systems within the intelligence, defense, and scientific communities.

  • Camptocamp

    Camptocamp is a Swiss service company founded in 2001 in the field of Open Source software with great expertise in the areas of GIS, ERP and IT Management Systems. Our services include consulting, implementation, training, maintenance, support and R&D.

  • is a software company specializing in space catalog visualization and space data standards. They work with federal and commercial organizations, integrating the latest in web technology for visualization and analysis.

  • Evercam

    Evercam is the industry-leading provider of construction camera software that aims to increase construction productivity by improving project visibility and team communications. We have designed the latest technology in reality capture, project management & time-lapse cameras.

  • Gaia3D, Inc.

    Gaiai3D, Inc is a a geospatial company pursuing business solutions for digital twins.

  • Güçlü Şenyurdusev

    3D City Model, Digital Twin, Environmental Modeling and Visualization, Metaverse

  • Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, The University of Tokyo

    Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, The University of Tokyo, is researching and developing a variety of digital archives, including the Pluralistic Digital Archives Series on disasters and wars.

  • Joe T.S.

    Joe is a geospatial scientist with outstanding academic background, with over ten years of practical work experience in the field of Geospatial Data Sciences, 3D Web GIS, Digital Twins, and GeoAI.


    As a digital 3D twin platform, LUUCY offers an extensive and daily growing collection of 3d data, maps, and easy interactive tools for urban and real estate development.

  • Pelican Mapping

    Pelican Mapping is a services company specializing in high performance geospatial visualization and open standards data production using Cesium and our own open source osgEarth SDK. Our software has been deployed across a wide array of industries. Geospatial is hard. We make it easy.

  • PropVR

    PropVR specialises in building interactive digital twins for real estate applications and cities. The company also has proprietary technologies and solutions to build high quality Metaverse applications, and software products on digital twins.

  • RockBlast Design

    RockBlast Design is a company specialized in 3D modeling, geological and geotechnical analysis of the mining industry. Our services include software development for georeferenced visualization of mining production advances using standards such as 3DTiles. We bring the mine to the palm of your hand.

  • SimCentric Technologies

    SimCentric is a military simulation company with a core motto of "Enabling the Warfighter", with specialist capabilities and COTS products offered in Immersive Virtual Training, Live Fire Range Safety and Fratricide mitigation, and Joint Fires proficiencies.

  • Terria

    Terria is an Australian based team, within CSIRO - Australia's national science agency. Since 2014, Terria developers have been the core maintainers of TerriaJS and Magda (OSS library for data cataloguing) and contributors to CesiumJS and Leaflet. We specialise in data federation and digital twins.

  • V2i Realtime

    V2i produces multi-award winning 3D digital twins for the private property development and public infrastructure sectors. They seek to empower all stakeholder groups and facilitate better real-world outcomes for all through easy to use and geospatially accurate virtual projects that anyone can access.

  • Vincent Soh

    Vincent is an engineer with experience across multiple sectors, specializing in providing digital solutions in the field of 3D GIS, Digital Twins, AI and data science towards urban design and sustainable livable cities.