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An open source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps. Learn more.

Download CesiumJS 1.11566 MB  

or install with NPM:

$ npm install cesium
What’s new?

1.115 - 2024-03-01

Highlights include:

  • Added support for I3S Building Scene Layer. #11678
  • Added Scene.pickVoxel to pick individual cells from a VoxelPrimitive, and VoxelCell to report information about the picked cell. #11828
  • Fixed a bug where the camera can stay underground when 3D Tiles are loading in. #11824
  • Fixed a bug with where a mix of empty and non-empty tiles were not refining. #9356
  • Fixed a bug with camera collision with tilesets containing tiles with interleaved buffers #11812
  • Fixed an error when the screenSpaceEventHandler was destroyed before Viewer #10576
  • Fixed how Camera.changed handles changes in roll. #11844

See the changelog for the complete list of changes.

Cesium for Omniverse

An extension enabling 3D geospatial capability for NVIDIA Omniverse. Learn more.

Download Cesium for Omniverse v0.18.0 (Linux)26 MB  

Download Cesium for Omniverse v0.18.0 (Windows)22 MB  

Download Cesium for Omniverse - AECO Demo Pack640 MB  

What’s new?

🚀 Get Started

This release requires Kit 105.1 (USD Composer 2023.2.0 or above).

For installation instructions, see Cesium for Omniverse Quickstart.

Have questions? Ask them on the community forum.

🕙 Change Log

  • Breaking change: removed deprecated properties projectDefaultIonAccessToken and projectDefaultIonAccessToken from CesiumDataPrim. CesiumIonServerPrim should be used instead.
  • Improved tile streaming performance by 35% by switching to UrlAssetAccessor from vsgCs.
  • Added support for disk tile caching which improves streaming performance by 50% when reloading the same scene.
  • Added support for Web Map Service (WMS) raster overlays.
  • Added support for Tile Map Service (TMS) raster overlays.
  • Added support for Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) raster overlays.
  • Added raster overlay options: maximumScreenSpaceError, maximumTextureSize, maximumSimultaneousTileLoads, subTileCacheBytes.
  • Added ability to bypass downloading of tiles clipped by a cartographic polygon raster overlay.
  • Added support for globe anchors on non-georeferenced tilesets.
  • Fixed crash when disabling and re-enabling the extension.
  • Fixed crash when setting certain /Cesium debug options at runtime.
  • Fixed crash when updating tilesets shader inputs.
  • Fixed crash when removing USD prims in certain order.
  • Fixed issue where Cesium ion session would not resume on reload.
  • Fixed issue where save stage dialog would appear when reloading Fabric stage at startup.
  • Fixed issue where zooming to tileset extents would not work correctly with non-identity transformation.
  • Fixed issue where globe anchors didn't work with xformOp:orient.
  • The movie capture tool now waits for tilesets to complete loading before it captures a frame.

Cesium for Unity Samples

Cesium for Unity enables 3D Tiles and the 3D geospatial ecosystem in Unity 3D with real-world 3D content and a high accuracy full-scale globe. Learn more.

Download Cesium for Unity Samples v1.8.072 MB  

What’s new?

:rocket: Get Started

  1. Download the CesiumForUnitySamples .zip below.
  2. Extract the .zip file into a suitable location on your computer.
  3. If you have Unity Hub installed, click the "Open" button under the "Projects" tab. Otherwise, open the Unity Editor directly and select "Open Project". Then, point it to the extracted directory. Unity will load the project and also download Cesium for Unity using the Package Manager.
  4. In the Asset Browser, select and load Assets -> Scenes -> 01_CesiumWorld. You can also select other scenes as you browse and explore the samples.

Or, to learn how to add it to your own project, see the Cesium for Unity Quickstart.

Have questions? Ask them on the community forum.

🕙 Change Log

  • Upgraded to Cesium for Unity v1.8.0.
  • Updated samples to use the new metadata API.

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