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An open source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps. Learn more.

Download CesiumJS 1.10965 MB  

or install with NPM:

$ npm install cesium
What’s new?

1.109 - 2023-09-01

Highlights include:

  • Added two additional default imagery providers from Stadia maps to the BaseLayerPicker widget: Alidade Smooth and Alidade Smooth Dark. #11485
  • TaskProcessor now loads worker files as ESM instead of AMD. Firefox 114 is now the minimum Firefox version required to run CesiumJS. #11400
  • Added the retinaTiles option to the OpenStreetMapImageryProvider constructor options to allow requesting tiles at the 2x resolution for retina displays. #11485
  • Use updated URLs and attribution for Stamen Map styles in the default BaseLayerPicker widget. #11451
  • The TypeScript definition of defined now uses type predicates to allow TypeScript to use the result during compilation.

See the changelog for the complete list of changes.

Cesium for Omniverse

An extension enabling 3D geospatial capability for NVIDIA Omniverse. Learn more.

Download Cesium for Omniverse v0.10.0 (Linux)24 MB  

Download Cesium for Omniverse v0.10.0 (Windows)21 MB  

What’s new?
  • Improved error message if fetching tileset fails
  • Added basic point cloud support
  • Fixed loading extension in Omniverse Code 2023.1.1
  • Fixed crashes when reloading tileset
  • Fixed memory leak when removing tileset mid-load
  • Fixed several other bugs related to removing tilesets mid-load
  • Upgraded to cesium-native v0.26.0

Cesium for Unity Samples

Cesium for Unity enables 3D Tiles and the 3D geospatial ecosystem in Unity 3D with real-world 3D content and a high accuracy full-scale globe. Learn more.

Download Cesium for Unity Samples v1.6.272 MB  

What’s new?

:rocket: Get Started

  1. Download the CesiumForUnitySamples .zip below.
  2. Extract the .zip file into a suitable location on your computer.
  3. If you have Unity Hub installed, click the "Open" button under the "Projects" tab. Otherwise, open the Unity Editor directly and select "Open Project". Then, point it to the extracted directory. Unity will load the project and also download Cesium for Unity using the Package Manager.
  4. In the Asset Browser, select and load Assets -> Scenes -> 01_CesiumWorld. You can also select other scenes as you browse and explore the samples.

Or, to learn how to add it to your own project, see the Cesium for Unity Quickstart.

Have questions? Ask them on the community forum.

🕙 Change Log

  • Upgraded to Cesium for Unity v1.6.2.

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