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CesiumJS 1.53

1.53 2019-01-02

Highlights include:

  • Added image-based lighting for PBR models and 3D Tiles. #7172
    • Scene.specularEnvironmentMaps is a url to a KTX file that contains the specular environment map and convoluted mipmaps for image-based lighting of all PBR models in the scene.
    • Scene.sphericalHarmonicCoefficients is an array of 9 Cartesian3 spherical harmonics coefficients for the diffuse irradiance of all PBR models in the scene.
    • The specularEnvironmentMaps and sphericalHarmonicCoefficients properties of Model and Cesium3DTileset can be used to override the values from the scene for specific models and tilesets.
    • The luminanceAtZenith property of Model and Cesium3DTileset adjusts the luminance of the procedural image-based lighting.
  • Fixed contrast on imagery layers. #7382

See the change log for the complete list of changes.

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