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Introducing Automated 3D Tiling with the Cesium ion REST API

Starting today, you can add cloud-based 3D Tiling of massive 3D datasets to custom applications and workflows with the Cesium ion Assets API.

Amazon Lumberyard Bistro

Amazon Lumberyard Bistro, Open Research Content Archive (ORCA), is one example a multi-gigabyte models that can be optimized, tiled and streamed on the web with ion’s 3D Tiling pipeline and REST API

We’re excited to see what the community builds. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Automated pipelines that trigger ion tiling as they receive data from sensors and drones.
  • Plug-ins for photogrammetry and 3D modeling tools that export to ion.
  • CesiumJS apps that support on-the-fly tiling via drag and drop upload to ion.

FME's CesiumIonConnector

Use ion’s REST API to upload and tile data from within your custom apps.

Along with the new API comes OAuth 2.0 support, which empowers developers to add “bring your own ion account” functionality to their applications and enable their users to create, view, and manage their ion data from within the app.

Get started today with two new tutorials and our API reference guide.

If you’re interested in 3D Tiling but prefer a self-hosted solution, the ion tiling pipeline is also available on-premise as a set of command line interfaces that run completely within your own infrastructure.