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Flight Operations

Visualize flight data precisely

With roots in aerospace, the Cesium platform enables precise flight visualization and analytics that use real-world, time-dynamic data, and it provides a smooth, fast 3D experience in a web browser or in a game engine. Whether visualizing weather and traffic to determine a flight path, training pilots, analyzing actual flight data, or building a flight simulator, Cesium is the accurate foundation for your solution.

Success stories

Cesium makes it easy to visualize flight data

Build better with the Cesium platform

Image of the world centered on Beijing, with lines indicating the flights to and from the city prior to the beginning of the international lockdown due to COVID-19

Build 3D geospatial tools to manage and analyze regional or global air traffic. Cesium's WGS84 globe is a precise, accurate foundation for trustworthy visualization and decision-making, and CesiumJS enables you to rapidly add analytics to web apps.

Actual flight path shown as red dots in the air above San Francisco airport

Visualize actual flight paths by combining flight logs with Cesium 3D global terrain, imagery, and buildings streamed from Cesium ion. With CesiumJS, build web-based apps for any device.

Build a flight simulator for the web, or use Cesium for Unreal to take advantage of UE's physics and immersive experience.

Cesium is the platform for 3D geospatial