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Create and host 3D content in your environment

Cesium ion Self-Hosted provides hosting, tiling, and streaming for massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets in your own environment, such as the Cloud, your data center, or edge devices.

Use Cesium ion Self-Hosted to support corporate policies or create air-gapped solutions that meet strict security requirements and can be deployed to remote, disconnected environments.

We designed Cesium ion Self-Hosted licensing and pricing to be simple and scalable. Contact Sales to learn more.

Deploy into your enterprise

Install and scale with Kubernetes, connect to your identity provider with SAML, and integrate with our REST API.

Bring your own 3D data

Upload your data to create 3D Tiles, the optimal way to stream massive 3D content.

Fuse with optional curated content

Combine your data with high-resolution terrain, imagery, and buildings for global coverage.

Build 3D geospatial apps

Cesium open source software for the Web, Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Omniverse, and Unity integrates with Cesium ion to enable the rapid development of apps for 3D geospatial visualization, simulation, and analytics.

Work with our friendly UI

Manage 3D geospatial content and enable collaboration with our easy-to-use interface.

Build interactive 3D geospatial presentations

Cesium Stories lets you easily create and share map-based stories without writing code.


Easy to deploy and run in your environment

  • Scale with Kubernetes
    Cesium ion Self-Hosted deploys on Kubernetes, enabling installation on Commercial Clouds like AWS, GCP, and Azure; on Private Cloud; or at Edge. Kubernetes scales almost limitlessly.
  • Use your own identity provider
    Conveniently connect to your identity provider with SAML, ensuring your organization's security practices remain in effect.
  • Integrate with REST
    Cesium ion's REST API allows you to automate content pipelines, support custom user interfaces, and integrate with other systems to create a seamless end-to-end workflow.
A Cesium for Unity scene with Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings, set in Chicago.

Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings visualized with Unity

Optional curated 3D geospatial content

Combine Cesium global 3D content with your own data for more complete coverage and accurate analysis.

  • Ready-to-stream 3D content
    Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings, optimized for 3D map visualization and curated from terabytes of open and commercial data.
  • Combine data from multiple Cesium ion servers
    Data included in Cesium ion SaaS accounts, such as Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles and Bing Maps Aerial Imagery, can be streamed to apps and combined with data from one or more Cesium ion Self-Hosted servers.
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View of 3D buildings on the tip of Manhattan, New York City, tiled and visualized in Cesium ion

3D Tiles of 3D buildings in Manhattan in Cesium ion. Data source: Nearmap

3D data tiling 

Cesium ion tiles your massive high-resolution 3D content into 3D Tiles for optimized and efficient streaming to your apps.

  • Point clouds
  • Reality models
  • 3D models
  • 3D buildings
  • Imagery
  • Terrain

The fastest way to stream 3D

Optimize massive 3D content with tools built to scale for lightning fast processing.

Accuracy & precision

Measure, analyze, and make decisions with confidence based on visualizations as precise as your source data.

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Cesium Stories

Cesium Stories lets you build and share 3D geospatial presentations and stories on the web without writing code.

  • Provide global 3D context
    Gain deep insight into your 3D data by combining it with Cesium's global 3D content (optional).
  • Create rich 3D geospatial presentations
    Tell impactful stories with styling based on metadata and high-fidelity, light-weight measurement tools.
  • Share across the web
    Share with an embed code, or just a link.
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