Cesium is 3D Geospatial Mapping & Analysis

Cesium ion

Use Cesium ion's simple workflow to create 3D maps of your geospatial data for visualization, analysis, and sharing.

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Cesium Developers

For developers, use the open-source Cesium JavaScript library to create custom 3D geospatial mapping apps.

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Fuse heterogeneous 3D data

Whether you have photogrammetry models, CAD/BIM exterior and interiors, point clouds, terrain, imagery, vector data, or all of the above, ion will tile your geospatial data into a single, interactive 3D map.


View massive datasets

Adaptive level of detail allows you to both see the big picture and zoom in on the smallest detail, from every satellite in space to every building in Manhattan.


Style and query

Use your data's attributes to style models and explore your world.


Measure and annotate

Measure distance and area and add annotations to your 3D maps.


Perform analysis

Perform 3D geospatial analysis with Cesium's 3D analytics, which allows you to evaluate the context of any point in your 3D map.


See change over time

First-class support for time-dynamic simulation and 4D visualization.