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Upcoming events

  • NVIDIA GTC 2024

    , San Jose, California, and virtual

    Cesium will take part in NVIDIA GTC 2024, among other industry luminaries, developers, researchers, and business strategists helping shape what’s next in AI and accelerated computing.

  • GTC: Digitalizing the World's Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI

    4 to 4-4:50 PM PDT, San Jose, CA

    Every industry has an opportunity to leverage the 3D internet to accelerate their path to automation and digitization. Hear this panel of major enterprise leaders and luminaries provide an update on their industrial metaverse projects — what milestones they've reached, what development priorities they have next, and what they see as the current blocks to progress. Part of GTC OpenUSD Day.

    Christine Osik, Head of Simulation, Amazon Robotics

    Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

    Patrick Cozzi, CEO, Cesium

    Rev Lebaredian, Vice President, Omniverse and Simulation Technology, NVIDIA

    Joe Bohman, Executive Vice President, PLM Products, Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Andy Pratt, CVP of Emerging Technologies, Microsoft

    John Lu, Wistron Manufacturing Operations Director, Wistron

    Paulina Chmielarz, Industrial Operations Digital and Innovation Director, Jaguar Land Rover

  • GTC: Enabling 3D Geospatial for the Industrial Metaverse with Cesium for Omniverse and 3D Tiles

    9 to 9:25 AM PDT, San Jose, CA

    Ingesting massive, global-scale, real-world geospatial data into virtual worlds is fundamental to building physically accurate industrial metaverse applications and digital twins. These digital twins are critical to simulating real-world environments in architecture, engineering, & construction, smart cities, defense, autonomous driving, robotics, climate science, and more. Geospatial data and virtual worlds provide context, spatial coherence and relationships, and real-time monitoring capabilities. We’ll share how we built Cesium for Omniverse, an open-source extension for NVIDIA Omniverse that enables an accurate WGS84 globe, an efficient 3D Tiles streaming engine for massive 3D geospatial data and level of detail selection, and integration with Cesium ion for easy and optimized access to 3D tiling pipelines and global data. Learn how Omniverse’s OpenUSD and Fabric, combined with 3D Tiles and glTF, enable high-fidelity streaming and rendering for global-scale digital twins using open standards. Part of GTC OpenUSD Day.

    Shehzan Mohammed, Director of 3D Engineering & Ecosystems, Cesium

  • FMX 2024

    , Stuttgart, Germany and Virtual

    Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi will participate in the 28th edition of FMX - Film & Media Exchange, one of the world’s most important conferences dedicated to animation, effects, interactive and immersive media.

    FMX 2024
  • USGIF GEOINT Symposium 2024

    , Orlando, FL

    Visit Cesium in BOOTH 1831.

    GEOINT 2024 graphic
  • I3D Symposium 2024

    , Cesium HQ, Philadelphia PA

    I3D is the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

    I3D Symposium
  • Past events

  • Leveraging OpenUSD for Geospatial Workflows

    2 to 3 PM ET, Virtual

    NVIDIA weekly livestream with members from the Omniverse team, partners, and special guests from the community dive into the latest OpenUSD and Omniverse announcements, features, and workflows.

    Cesium for Omniverse delivers 3D Tiles and real-world digital twins at global scale with remarkable speed and quality. In this episode, we are joined by special guests from Cesium to discuss their extension and leveraging OpenUSD for geospatial workflows while diving into the AEC Demo Pack.

    Omniverse AECO Demo Pack by Cesium, NVIDIA, and Aerometrex
  • Cesium Ecosystem Grants Webinar

    2 PM ET, Virtual

    Learn about the Cesium Ecosystem Grant Program, get 2024 updates, and get your questions answered in real-time.

    Cesium Ecosystem Grants
  • GeoBuiz Summit 2024: Plenary Session 2: Geospatial Imaging and Digital Twin of Everything

    11:30 a.m. PT to 12:30 p.m. PT, Monterey, California

    GeoBuiz Summit is an annual international conference focused on the geospatial industry, which encompasses a range of technologies and applications related to mapping, location-based services, and spatial data analysis.

    Trent Tinker, Senior Business Development Manager, will participate in "Plenary Session 2: Geospatial Imaging and Digital Twin of Everything" with moderator Ananyaa Narain, VP- GW Consulting, Geospatial World, and fellow panelists:

    Erik Jorgensen, Chairman and Group CEO, Vexcel Imaging

    Takayuki Odawara, Executive Officer, GM of Business dept., Synspective

    Miriam Daniel, Vice-President Google Maps for Consumers, Google

    Boon Khai Tan, CEO, JTC Corporation

    GeoBuiz Summit 2024
  • I/ITSEC 2023

    , Orlando, FL

    The world's largest Modeling, Simulation, and Training Event.

    Visit Cesium in BOOTH 559.

    I/ITSEC 2023 graphic
  • Philadelphia Data Vizualization Meetup

    , Cesium Headquarters, Philadelphia PA

    Cesium is sponsoring the Philadelphia Data Visualization Meetup.

    Event space at Cesium Headquarters
  • Trimble Dimensions User Conference

    3 to 4 PM PST, Las Vegas, NV

    Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi will participate in the Geospatial Startup and Investor Panel to explore the Geospatial startup, innovation and venture investment landscape and market trends. Corporate and industry venture capital investment experts, Geospatial innovation leaders, and startup founders will discuss the emerging technology trends as well as the dynamics around raising capital and successfully growing a geospatial startup in today’s environment.

    Trimble Dimensions 2023
  • Philadelphia Unreal Engine Technology Symposium

    9 AM to 5 PM ET, URBN Center Annex 3401 Filbert Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Cesium team members will participate in this "Phun-Real Fest 2023" presented by Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University and Epic Games.

    Philadelphia Unreal Engine Technology Symposium - Epic Games, Drexel University
  • FOSS4G North America 2023

    , Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    FOSS4G NA provides opportunities for the community to learn, explore, share, and collaborate on the latest ideas and topics in open source geospatial technologies.

    FOSS4G North America circular logo with a red crab in the middle. Text reads FOSS4G NA. October 2023. Baltimore.
  • FOSS4G: Investing $1 Million in the Open Ecosystem

    3:30 to 4 PM, FOSS4G North America 2023, Baltimore, Maryland

    Cesium team members Kyle Heisey and Danielle Stollak discuss the Cesium Ecosystem Grant program, which provides $1M to promote innovation, interoperability, and collaboration in the 3D geospatial ecosystem, the Cesium Certified Developer Program, and other ways to get involved in the community.

    FOSS4GNA circular logo with a red crab in the middle. Text reads FOSS4GNA. October 2023. Baltimore.
  • Black Tech Philly Weekend Study Hall

    noon to 2 PM ET, Cesium Headquarters, 400 Market St. Philadelphia PA

    Black Tech Philly, an organization dedicated to providing educational tools and resources to the Black and Brown communities of Philadelphia, will hold a weekend study and networking session at Cesium HQ.

    Black Tech Philly logo
  • GÉOMTL 2023

    , Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Cesium will participate in the 21st edition of this event hosted by CIG Montréal that gathers all communities interested in geomatics, geolocation, and geospatial.

    GeoMTL 2023
  • The State of 3D Asset Interoperability using USD and glTF BOF

    11 to 12:30 PM, Virtual

    First presented at SIGGRAPH 2023, the Metaverse Standards Forum is repeating this Birds of a Feather session for those who were not able to attend.

    Speakers: Patrick Cozzi, Cesium; Guido Quaroni, Adobe; Henrik Edström, Autodesk; Eric Haines, NVIDIA; Marc Petit, Epic Games; Alexey Medvedev, Facebook

    The Metaverse Standards Forum 3D Asset Interoperability Domain Group is enabling cooperation between the USD and glTF communities to build synergies and reduce overlaps, gaps, fragmentation, and industry confusion. Developers building tools and platforms with USD and integrating the popular glTF standard will share the state of these 3D initiatives and how they can benefit each other. Join us to explore expanding the scope of 3D asset definitions to include behaviors, sound, physics, and scene composition and discuss how different standards organizations, open source projects, and commercial companies are converging towards a shared material representation for the open metaverse.

    Metaverse Standards Forum webinar graphic
  • LibertyJS

    1:50 to 3:20 PM, Philadelphia, PA

    Gabby Getz will speak at LibertyJS, which brings together world class experts in Web and Cloud technologies to Philadelphia for 2 days of talks, workshops and showcases.

    Gabby will contribute to, "Building 3D Geospatial Visualizations With Cesium, Google, and ArcGIS"

    Gabby Getz - LibertyJS Philadelphia
  • Unreal Fest 2023

    3 to 4 PM EDT, New Orleans, LA

    Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi will participate in, "The World is Your Canvas: 3D Global-Scale Real or Imaginary Worlds - 2023 Update" alongside Alban Bergeret (Epic Games), Kevin Bullock (Maxar), Rex Hansen (Esri), Scott Simmons (OGC), Hannes Walter (Blackshark AI), and Sacha Leprêtre (CAE).

    Unreal Fest 2023 graphic
  • Philadelphia Data Visualization Meetup

    6 to 8 PM EDT, Cesium Headquarters 400 Market Street Philadelphia PA 19106

    Cesium is sponsoring the Philadelphia Data Visualization Meetup.

    Ben Garvey, CTO at Common Paper
    Love and Pizza: The Only Good Pie Chart

    Kavana Rudresh, Director, Enterprise Analytics and Data Science - Comcast
    Kavana will briefly talk about her career in analytics as well as share some best practices on communicating technical concepts to a non-technical/business audience.

    Neil Halloran, Filmmaker
    Neil will briefly talk about his passion for presenting humanitarian numbers with emotion before sharing a rough cut of his upcoming film about the first vaccine and the eradication of smallpox.

    Event space at Cesium Headquarters
  • GeoGov Summit

    , Dulles, Virginia, USA

    Cesium is a proud sponsor of the GeoGov Summit, which brings together stakeholders representing Federal geospatial agencies; Commercial geospatial, space, IT, and Engineering companies, enterprise end users, and development and civil society organizations with an objective to facilitate discussions and estimate the evolving role of geospatial information in US economy and society. Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi will speak as a panelist on “Simplifying Complexity: Innovation and Automation for Actionable Insight.”

  • SIGGRAPH 2023

    , Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Join Cesium at the 50th SIGGRAPH, the premier conference for computer graphics.

    Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2023
  • SIGGRAPH: The Khronos Group and Metaverse Standards Forum Networking Reception

    6 to 9 PM PDT, JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom C

    Cesium is a proud sponsor of this event. Please join us!

    Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2023
  • SIGGRAPH: Digital Twins Go Geospatial with OpenUSD, 3D Tiles, and Cesium

    10:30 to 11 AM PDT, Room 404B

    Part of NVIDIA OpenUSD Day, Sean Lilley, Staff 3D Software Developer and Lead for Cesium for Omniverse, will lead this exploration of OpenUSD, 3D Tiles, and geospatial data to create rich digital twins. He’ll offer insight into data pipelines, 3D Tiles streaming, scene management and performance considerations, and the future of USD and geospatial.

    Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2023
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioners: Research to Practice: Getting There and Back Again

    10 to Noon PDT, Room 501 AB

    Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi joins this conversation along with Dan Ring, Head of Research, Foundry; Peter Shirley, Vice President of Computer Graphics, Activision; Orly Liba, Staff Research Scientist, YouTube; and Per Christensen, Principal Scientist, Pixar’s RenderMan Group. 

    Patrick will address, "Applying Research to Practice: Going from Proof of Concept to Product."

    Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2023