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Ben Jewett



As part of Cesium's smart construction squad, Ben develops and maintains the Smart Construction Dashboard and Simulation applications in coordination with our partners at EARTHBRAIN and Komatsu. Together, these applications give those in earthworks access to high precision 3D visualizations of site plans and engineering designs combined with near real time survey data collected on site by drones and connected, intelligent machines.

Prior to joining Cesium, Ben spent most of his career delivering enterprise level virtual and augmented reality experiences to clients in the medical, manufacturing and industrial fields.

Before life as a software developer he was a Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching 3D graphics, interactive software, and English at The National University of Computer Science in Madagascar. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Multimedia from the University of the Arts with a background in game design.

Ben loves to travel with his wife, cook, and listen to the soundtracks of video games he used to play as a child.

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Ben Jewett smiling in front of treesBen Jewett with a young woman in front of a castle