Cesium Version 1.33 Released


We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.33. Highlights include:

  • Added GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider and GoogleEarthEnterpriseImageryProvider to use terrain and imagery from Google Earth Enterprise servers. #5189.
  • Support for dashed polylines #5159.
  • Added a depthFailMaterial property to line entities, which allows you to render lines behind terrain and other objects with a different material. #5160

For the full list of changes, see the change log.

A polyline with the new depthFailMaterial. The dased part of the line is obscured by terrain and uses the new dashed polyline material.




  • Talks and a workshop by the Cesium team were accepted early for [FOSS4G]:
    • Why 3D? The benefits of 3D geospatial visualization beyond pretty pictures talk by Hannah Pinkos
    • 3D Tiles in Action talk by Sean Lilley
    • Everything old is new again: What open source Google Earth Enterprise means for FOSS4G and Cesium by Matt Amato
    • Web 3D Geospatial Made Easy: An Introduction to Cesium workshop by Rachel Hwang
  • Rachel Hwang’s presentation at TEDxPenn, The Geospatial Renaissance, is up on our presentations page.


We have four new showcases up on our demos page.




AlisonHouse Maps