Arcade Game 2.0


Cesium has a lot in common with a modern game engine—many real-time rendering features, terrain collision-checking, 2D/3D primitive editing. So what better way to showcase Cesium’s capabilities than to build a game?

I’m very pleased to announce that Cesium has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania game incubator, Venturi Labs, to work on an updated version of our arcade game! We’ll be working with an all-star team of Swarthmore assistant professor Aline Normoyle, University of Pennsylvania graphics masters student Zimeng Yang, and Penn Professor Stephen Lane.

Inspired by the overlap in the geospatial community and the exciting world of drone racing, we’ve decided to create a drone racing game. By investing some time into an awesome game, we plan to both spread awareness of drones in geospatial and remote sensing, and do our lovely arcade cabinet justice. In case you haven’t seen the cabinet, here it is:

Some of our team with the original arcade game.

We have a lot of interesting features we’d like to try before letting everyone play during summer conference season, but we already have a lot of the fundamentals working. Here’s a sneak peak:

Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to having you play our game soon.

By the way, if you also happen to be working on a game using Cesium, feel free to reach out to me. We’re always happy to talk shop or host more cool Cesium demos!

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