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Cloud-Based 3D World Generation with Ascendium

Ascendium streamlines the process to generate 3D environments that accurately represent the real world. The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates (ARA) built the Ascendium web tool to make it easier for simulation and game developers to build 3D worlds. With Ascendium, the process for finding terrain data, managing it, and creating 3D content is streamlined and simplified. Ascendium uses the cloud, and content for games and simulations can be generated right within Ascendium.

Virtual Heroes uses Cesium as the backbone of Ascendium, which is the front-end to our Assimilation of Sources for a Cohesive ENvironment Description (ASCEND) framework. Cesium shows the world and handles all user controls, providing an easy interface for finding and selecting the regions to be worked on. Cesium’s ability to natively load and display KML and KMZ files enables users to predefine these areas, simplifying the overall process.

For more information, contact Jeff Lyons,, Virtual Heroes, a division of Applied Research Associates.