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Growing an Open Source Community: Lessons Learned from Cesium

Gabby Getz | University of Pennsylvania CIS 350 Guest Lecture | March 2018

The importance of open source software and how to promote the development of an open source community through lessons learned from Cesium.

3D Tiles In Action

Sean Lilley | FOSS4G 2017 | August 2017

An overview of 3D Tiles and the current state of 3D geospatial data.

Everything old is new again: What open source Google Earth Enterprise means for Cesium and FOSS4G

Matthew Amato | FOSS4G 2017 | August 2017

A high level overview of the Cesium team's experience integrating with Google Earth Enterprise.

Why 3D? The benefits of 3d geospatial visualization beyond pretty pictures

Hannah Pinkos | FOSS4G 2017 | August 2017

Explore the benefits of 3D visualization, including an intuitive understanding of data and the need for 3D due to modern data collection techniques.

2.5D is not 3D

Matthew Amato | JS.Geo | August 2017

Overview of what it means to be 3D and why most mapping engines labelling themselves as 3D are actually 2.5D.

Cesium and 3D Tiles Update

Patrick Cozzi | Cesium and Carto BOF, SIGGRAPH 2017 | August 2017

An update on new Cesium features, the Cesium community, 3D Tiles and 3D Tiles Next

Massive Models

Patrick Cozzi | Williams College Guest Lecture | November 2016

Introduction to data acquisition, use cases, and rendering techniques for massive models.

Shadows and Cesium Implementation

Sean Lilley | University of Pennsylvania CIS 460 Guest Lecture | November 2016

A summary of shadow techniques and their implementation in Cesium.

3D Tiles: An open specification for streaming massive 3D geospatial scenes

Matthew Amato | FedGeoDay 2016 | October 2016

A high-level overview of 3D Tiles and its rapidly growing ecosystem.

Interactive Visualization of Satellite (and Other) Data Online Using Cesium

Matthew Lammers | FedGeoDay 2016 | October 2016

Using Cesium to visualize satellite and weather data at NASA Goddard.

Tracking Santa with open source software

Hannah Pinkos | 2016 Geo Open Source Meetup | October 2016

How open soure and open standards are used to make the NORAD Tracks Santa application.

3D Tiles OGC Update

Patrick Cozzi | OGC TC Meeting Orlando | September 2016

An update on 3D Tiles for the OGC community, presented at the 3DIM DWG, Point Cloud DWG, and 3DPS SWG.

Cesium and 3D Tiles update

Sean Lilley | WebGL and glTF BOF, SIGGRAPH | July 2016

An update on new Cesium features and 3D Tiles for the WebGL community.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium BOF

The Cesium Community | SIGGRAPH | July 2016

Cesium and 3D Tiles update

Sean Lilley | Carto BOF, SIGGRAPH | July 2016

An update on new Cesium features and 3D Tiles for the cartography community.

The Open Cesium 3D Tiles Specification: Bringing Massive Geospatial 3D Scenes to the Web

Patrick Cozzi and Sean Lilley | Web3D 2016 | July 2016

90-minute comprehensive technical introduction to 3D Tiles, including LOD approaches and tile formats.

3D Tiles: Beyond 2D Tiling

Sean Lilley and Patrick Cozzi | FOSS4G NA 2016 | May 2016

3D Tiles motivation, adoption, and technical deep dive.

Migrating from Google Earth to Cesium

Hannah Pinkos | FOSS4G NA 2016 | May 2016

The closed-to-open source success story of the movement from Google Earth to Cesium, including technical differences.

Growing an Open-Source Community: Lessons Learned from Cesium

Patrick Cozzi | FOSS4G NA 2016 | May 2016

Actionable advice on how to start and grow an open-source project based on our experience with Cesium.

Exploring OpenStreetMap with 3D Tiles and Cesium

Matt Amato | FOSS4G NA 2016 | May 2016

How Cesium and 3D Tiles can be used to visualize OSM in 3D and gain new insights into the structure of OSM.

3D Tiles: streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets

Patrick Cozzi | OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meeting | March 2016

The motivation for 3D Tiles and the state of the emerging 3D Tiles ecosystem.

Getting Started with Open-Source Software Development

Patrick Cozzi | University of Pennsylvania Dining Philosophers | November 2015

Open-source communities, why contribute, how to contribute, open standards, and licenses. Based on our experience with Cesium.

Beyond the Google Earth API: Cesium, a Plugin-Free, WebGL-Based Virtual Globe

Declan De Paor | GSA 2015 | November 2015

Introduction to Cesium in the face of Google Earth deprecation.

Cesium and the future of 3D Geospatial standards

Matthew Amato | JS.Geo | October 2015

An overview of the Cesium team's efforts to create open standards and specifications for massive 3D geosptial visualization on the web.

Migrating from Google Earth API to Cesium

Professor Hidenori Watanave | FOSS4G | September 2015

Advice based on porting several projects from Google Earth to Cesium. One of the projects, the Hiroshima Archive, also won The Best Cutting Edged Map prize at FOSS4G 2015.

The State of WebGL and glTF

Patrick Cozzi | The Graphical Web | September 2015

An update on two Khronos standards used by Cesium: WebGL and glTF.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium

The Cesium Community | SIGGRAPH | August 2015

Cesium: A WebGL Virtual Globe and Map Engine

Tom Fili | Carto BOF, SIGGRAPH | August 2015

A bird's-eye introduction to Cesium with a focus on demos and 3D Tiles.

glTF ecosystem and mesh compression update

Tony Parisi, Third Eye, Patrick Cozzi, AGI, and Kai Ninomiya, AGI | WebGL BOF, SIGGRAPH | August 2015

The latest news on glTF and the upcoming mesh compression extension.

Getting Serious with JavaScript

Matthew Amato and Kevin Ring | WebGL Insights, CRC Press | July 2015

Best practices for large-scale JavaScript and WebGL development based on over four years experience developing Cesium.

WebGL, Gaming, and Cesium

Matthew Amato | Philly Game Works 2015 | April 2015

A general overview of both Cesium and WebGL game development.

Temporal Visualization with Cesium

Matthew Amato | FOSS4GNA 2015 | March 2015

Overview of Cesium with emphasis on time-dynamic capabilities. Lots of demos.

The Rise of 3D GIS on the Web

Patrick Cozzi | NCGIS 2015 | February 2015

3D on the Web in general, Cesium in particular. Mostly demos.

Data-driven Geospatial Visualization with Cesium

Matthew Amato | 2014 Geo Open Source Conference | November 2014

Overview of Cesium with recent demos.

Bringing 3D Geospatial to the Web with Cesium

Patrick Cozzi | Harvard, Center for Geographic Analysis | November 2014

Overview of Cesium with recent demos.

Rendering Massive Geospatial Datasets in Cesium

Patrick Cozzi | MIT Computer Graphics Group | November 2014

WebGL; trends in open data and data acquisition; and streaming and rendering massive geospatial datasets.

What's new in Cesium: the open-source alternative for 3D maps

Patrick Cozzi | FOSS4G | September 2014

The latest news on Cesium related to the open-source geospatial community, including OL3/Cesium integration.

Creating 3D web maps with Cesium

Patrick Cozzi | JS.Geo | September 2014

A tour of Cesium Sandcastle and live coding to create a Cesium app to load GeoJSON, CZML, glTF, terrain, and imagery.
Prerecorded video: Part I and Part II.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium

The Cesium Community | SIGGRAPH | August 2014

3D Geospatial Visualization on the Web with Cesium

Alex Wood | Carto BOF, SIGGRAPH | August 2014

A bird's-eye introduction to Cesium with a focus on data sources and terrain.

Cesium, CZML, and glTF

Patrick Cozzi | Geospatial information on the Web workshop, Web3D | August 2014

An introduction to open-standards and open-formats in Cesium and a call for open-standards for high-performance visualization of massive geospatial datasets.

glTF: Designing an Open-Standard Runtime Asset Format

Fabrice Robinet, Remi Arnaud, Tony Parisi, and Patrick Cozzi | GPU Pro 5, CRC Press | May 2014

The design rationale of glTF, which is used in Cesium for 3D models.

Rendering the Whole Wide World on the World Wide Web

Kevin Ring | Guest lecture in CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture, University of Pennsylvania | December 2013

Presents more details of the Cesium terrain engine, plus server-side terrain processing.

World-Scale Terrain Rendering

Kevin Ring | Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds, SIGGRAPH | July 2013

Presents challenging implementation details in Cesium's terrain engine.

Using Multiple Frustums for Massive Worlds

Patrick Cozzi | Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds, SIGGRAPH | July 2013

Presents the approach used to eliminate z-fighting in Cesium.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium

the Cesium Community | SIGGRAPH | July 2013

An informal Birds of a Feather (BOF) session presenting an overview of Cesium, user apps, and future plans.

Cesium: 3D Maps on the Web

Patrick Cozzi | FOSS4G NA | May 2013

A WebGL Globe Rendering Pipeline

Patrick Cozzi and Daniel Bagnell | GPU Pro 4, CRC Press | March 2013

Rendering techniques for filling cracks between LODs, filling holes at the poles, and avoiding z-fighting that we developed in the early Cesium days.

NORAD Tracks Santa

Kevin Ring | Mozilla Hacks | December 2012

Cesium: Geo-Scale Data Visualization in a Web Brow section section-smser

Patrick Cozzi | George Mason University GRAND Seminar | October 2012

Cesium: WebGL for Globes and Maps

Patrick Cozzi | SIGGRAPH WebGL BOF | August 2012

Cesium Language (CZML): A JSON schema for describing dynamic scenes in virtual globes & maps

Matt Amato | WebGL Camp Europe | July 2012

WebGL for OpenGL Developers

Patrick Cozzi and Scott Hunter | OpenGL Insights, CRC Press | July 2012

Our thoughts on learning WebGL for those that already know OpenGL, based on our experience with Cesium.

WebGL for Dynamic Virtual Globes

Patrick Cozzi | WebGL Camp Orlando | March 2012

3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes

Patrick Cozzi and Kevin Ring | CRC Press | June 2011

Not strictly about Cesium, but about virtual globes in general. Written by two Cesium contributors. We also taught a COM.Geo course based on the book.