Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2013


SIGGRAPH is July 21-25. We are presenting Cesium in four sessions and going under-the-hood in a course. If you are attending, stop by and say hi. Here’s the full Cesium schedule.

Tuesday, July 23

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium BOF

11am-12pm, Room 203 B

This BOF (Birds of a Feather) is an informal meeting about Cesium. Come meet the Cesium contributors, check out the demos, and learn what’s coming down the pipeline.


12:30-2pm, Room 201 D

This BOF explores applying computer graphics techniques to cartographic and spatial datasets. I will give a Cesium overview and demo.

Wednesday, July 24


2-2:55pm, California Ballroom A&B (Hilton Anaheim)

I have been working with Khronos, the open-standards group, on glTF, the runtime asset format for WebGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL. We will give an update on the spec and tool progress since GDC, and I will demo glTF assets in Cesium.


6-6:55pm, California Ballroom A (Hilton Anaheim)

The WebGL BOF is a series of short cutting-edge demos by the WebGL Community. I will briefly introduce Cesium, and Chris Cooper from NICTA will demo their Cesium app.

Thursday, July 25

Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds Course

2-5:15pm, Room 304 A-D

Kevin Ring and I are presenting our technical work in this course along with folks from AMD, Avalanche Studios, and id Software. It will be a great mix of massive world rendering techniques for both game and real-world datasets. This course was featured in SIGGRAPHITTI. Our slides will be on our publications page after the conference.

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