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Cesium at NVIDIA GTC 2024

NVIDIA GTC - March 2024

We’re excited to join our partners at NVIDIA GTC 2024, a global AI conference running March 18-21 in San Jose, California.

Join us at the following sessions to learn about using 3D geospatial technology with Cesium:

Digitalizing the World’s Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI

Mar 19, 2024
4-4:50 PM PDT
Session info

Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi will join this panel of enterprise leaders to provide an update on industrial metaverse projects — what milestones they’ve reached, what development priorities they have next, and what they see as the current blocks to progress.

The panel includes:

●      Christine Osik, Head of Simulation, Amazon Robotics

●      Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

●      Patrick Cozzi, CEO, Cesium

●      Rev Lebaredian, Vice President, Omniverse and Simulation Technology, NVIDIA

●      Joe Bohman, Executive Vice President, PLM Products, Siemens Digital Industries Software

●      Andy Pratt, CVP of Emerging Technologies, Microsoft

●      John Lu, Wistron Manufacturing Operations Director, Wistron

●      Paulina Chmielarz, Industrial Operations Digital and Innovation Director, Jaguar Land Rover

Digitalizing the World’s Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI - March 19, 2024 at NVIDIA GTC

Enabling 3D Geospatial Workflows for Industrial Digital Twins

Mar 19, 2024
11-11:25- AM PDT
Session info
Live stream available

Shehzan Mohammed, Director of 3D Engineering & Ecosystems at Cesium, will share insight into the creation of Cesium for Omniverse, an open-source extension for NVIDIA Omniverse that enables an accurate WGS84 globe, a 3D Tiles streaming engine for massive 3D geospatial data, and integration with Cesium ion for easy access to 3D tiling pipelines and global data. Learn how Omniverse’s OpenUSD and Fabric, combined with 3D Tiles and glTF, enable high-fidelity streaming and rendering for global-scale digital twins using open standards.

Transforming 2D Imagery into 3D Geospatial Tiles With Neural Radiance Fields

Mar 19, 2024
9-9:50 AM PDT
Session info

NVIDIA will be demonstrating a real-time process for taking a set of 2D geo-tagged drone images and transforming them into a high-resolution 3D tiles representation of an outdoor scene leveraging Cesium ion and Cesium for Omniverse.

Look for these demos to see Cesium for Omniverse in action in the GTC exhibit hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

Cesium AECO Demo Pack with Innoactive

Cesium AECO demo pack in combination with Innoactive Omniverse Extension: Create a sharing link to render photorealistic architecture visualization in the cloud and stream it to any standard office PC or standalone VR headset.

  • Ansys will demonstrate two RF Channel Modelers: one that uses Cesium for Omniverse to visualize the lunar surface in the Ansys RF Channel Modeler, and another that uses Ansys STK, Cesium ion, and Aerometrex data of Denver, Colorado, and streams results from the cloud to a web browser.

Register for NVIDIA GTC today. We look forward to seeing you!