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Vexcel 3D Cities Now Available with Cesium ion Self-Hosted

Cesium is excited to announce a partnership with Vexcel that will increase access to 3D content for Cesium ion Self-Hosted users. Now available through Cesium ion Self-Hosted, Vexcel 3D Cities is a high quality 3D Tiles reality mesh covering more than 60 major cities across the globe. Use Vexcel 3D Cities with Cesium to build immersive and accurate 3D cityscapes at scale within disconnected environments. 

Vexcel 3D Cities in Cesium for Unreal

Vexcel builds photogrammetric aerial sensors, operates a fleet of aircraft, and has an aerial imagery library across 30+ countries. Each step from aircraft flight lines to its imagery processing pipeline is managed to create the content needed to generate high quality 3D imagery. This ultra high-resolution aerial imagery​​ and geospatial data are the building blocks for 3D Cities.

Spanning more than 62,000 km2 on four continents, Vexcel 3D Cities features extensive coverage of the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan, with more cities being added on a regular basis. 

As the creators of 3D Tiles, the Open Geospatial Consortium Community Standard, Cesium celebrates the adoption of the specification across industries. Vexcel 3D Cities brings a valuable product into the 3D Tiles ecosystem. By adopting the 3D Tiles specification, the data is highly interoperable across platforms and is optimized for high-performance streaming to all runtime environments including CesiumJS, Cesium for Unreal, Cesium for Unity, and Cesium for Omniverse.

“Vexcel selected 3D Tiles as the format for our 3D Cities product because it is an open, flexible, and widely used standard that enables us to deliver realistic and detailed 3D models of urban areas across various platforms and applications,” said Robert Carroll, Vice President, Go To Market with Vexcel Data. “The 3D Tiles format also lets our users leverage the power of Cesium ion to host and serve our 3D Cities with high performance streaming and rendering of massive datasets, which is crucial for our customers who need to visualize and analyze large metropolitan areas at scale.”

Vexcel 3D Cities data of Tokyo in Cesium for Unreal

Vexcel 3D Cities data of Tokyo, Japan in Cesium for Unreal.

Vexcel 3D Cities data of NYC, USA in Cesium for Unreal.

Vexcel 3D Cities data of New York City in Cesium for Unreal.

Vexcel 3D Cities data of London in Cesium for Unreal

Vexcel 3D Cities data of London, UK in Cesium for Unreal.

We are eager to see how these complementary components - high quality 3D geospatial data and a high performance streaming and visualization platform - are leveraged in self-hosted deployments across government, telecom, architecture and other industries.

Contact us to add Vexcel 3D Cities into your Cesium ion Self-Hosted deployments.