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Jeshurun Hembd Joins the Cesium Team as Software Developer

We’re excited to welcome Jeshurun Hembd to the Cesium team. Jeshurun will be joining our CesiumJS squad. In the last year we’ve made significant investments in CesiumJS, including adding undersea rendering, support for KTX 2.0, and support for 3D Tiles Next, as well as increased focus on learning materials, documentation, and engagement on the community forum. 

With the CesiumJS team, Jeshurun will be helping to advance 3D Tiles runtime capabilities, modernization of the CesiumJS codebase, and contributing to the overall health and capabilities of CesiumJS. 

Jeshurun Hembd

Jeshurun and his wife Laura at Uig in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Prior to joining Cesium, Jeshurun spent 9 years working on 3D and 4D seismic imaging of the subsurface, and also 4 years at a startup, where he developed his skills in JavaScript and WebGL. He has a degree in physics from Texas A&M. In addition, Jeshurun raised purebred sheep for 10 years. 

Cesium is hiring! If you’d like to join the team to improve CesiumJS, check out our careers page.