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When we started Cesium in 2011, our goal was to advance the state of the art in 3D on the web and realize the Digital Earth vision. As an open-source project, Cesium has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. It has become synonymous with 3D geospatial visualization and is the globe of choice across many fields, such as aerospace, defense, smart cities, real estate, sports, tourism, and of course, traditional GIS.

Along our journey, the need for open standards specifically designed for 3D geospatial visualization became clear. It was not enough for us to simply build an engine; we needed to engage with the content and specifications that would feed into it. This led to our work on CZML, quantized-mesh terrain, glTF, and 3D Tiles, broadening our goals from creating a 3D engine to fostering open formats for 3D geospatial visualization. The Cesium community has also asked for help acquiring, curating, and processing 3D data into these formats. That’s why we are announcing plans to take 3D geospatial to the next level with the launch of block diagram

What will be?

First, it will be the place to get access to free data in open formats. Second it will be the place to subscribe to curated premium datasets, also in open formats, such as those we have showcased in our city demos from CyberCity3D. And third, it will be the place to upload and manage your own content to be converted into open formats and hosted back to you.

Along with access to data, we will be providing a web application that lets you build, style, and publish Cesium 3D maps, along with a wealth of tools for performing geospatial analysis on them.

Finally, will be a set of REST services for developers to easily process, host, and analyze 3D geospatial data as part of a larger custom application. Whether you have 3D models, buildings, point clouds, vector data, imagery, or terrain, will help you make the most of it.

For those who haven’t made the jump to fully hosted solutions, will also be available as a traditional on premises solution as well as through private cloud instances. data processing

This is also great news for the open-source Cesium project; will help fund and accelerate its development. We are committed to making Cesium the best open-source platform for 3D geospatial visualization.

Head on over to if you want to sign up for future announcements about the site or for a chance to be part of the beta this fall.

Finally, if you are a content provider and interested in making your data available to others via, either freely or as a paid subscription, send us an email.

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