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Matthew Amato



Matt is the technical lead for Cesium ion and one of the creators of CesiumJS.

Matt is the technical lead for Cesium ion, where he sets the technical direction for our SaaS platform to help our users visualize, host, and ultimately make their 3D geospatial data more accessible and useful. He’s one of the original creators of CesiumJS, our open source visualization library, and continues to be an active contributor, community member, and advocate.

Matt has been with Cesium since the very beginning when it was an R&D project at Analytical Graphics (“AGI”), and prior to that worked on a diverse range of aerospace engineering and analysis applications over a 20 year career at AGI.

Matt frequently speaks at open source software and geospatial conferences, is a contributing author to WebGL Insights, and co-wrote the chapter “Getting Serious with JavaScript.” He’s a Philadelphia native and has a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Matt is a marathon runner and an avid baker, delighting his co-workers on a near weekly basis.

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Matthew Amato, CesiumMatthew Amato, Cesium