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Cesium Releases in October 2021

Cesium ion Updates

This month we’ve made Cesium ion easier to use. 

  • Added pagination to the Cesium ion Assets page to improve performance of the ion dashboard for users with a very large number of assets. This change also included adding new searching and filtering options to the assets route in the ion REST API. See our forum post for more information.
  • Gave all commercial users the flexibility to have invoices emailed to them without having to go check their account dashboard. See our forum post for details. 

Pagination in Cesium ion assets list

With the new layout, assets are displayed in sets of 50, and users can easily cycle through all of their assets.

We also updated the global content available in Cesium ion: 

  • Updated to the latest OSM data in Cesium OSM Buildings as of August 28, 2020.
  • Improved handling of building parts inheriting incorrect heights from parent nodes. This previously caused some buildings to have missing pieces.
  • Added two new properties, cesium#longitude and cesium#latitude, to expose the location of the building center in degrees.

CesiumJS 1.86 Release 

CesiumJS 1.86 is now available. This month’s release focused on bug fixes. See the changelog for a full list of updates and links to the discussion & code on each one. You can also subscribe to the Cesium roundup release thread on the community forum to get notifications about our monthly releases.

Cesium for Unreal Updates

We have released three new versions of Cesium for Unreal since last month. The latest version includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. Highlights include:

  • Exposed the MaxiumCachedBytes on Tileset Actors  so that users can adjust the amount of data to be cached in memory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 3D Tiles tile selection to take into account Editor viewports even when in Play-in-Editor mode.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when two sublevels overlap each other. Now the closest sublevel is chosen in that case.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clipping to work incorrectly for tiles that are partially water.
  • Fixed a mismatch on Windows between Unreal Engine's compiler options and cesium-native's compiler options that could sometimes lead to crashes and other broken behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the RTC_CENTER semantic in a B3DM feature table to be ignored if any of the values happened to be integers rather than floating-point numbers. This caused these tiles to render in the wrong location.. 

See the changelog for a full list of updates. 

Powered by Cesium

This month we saw a ghost fleet brought back to life with Cesium for Unreal. 

Over one hundred shipwrecks lie in Mallows Bay. To give visitors a sense of what the ships would have looked like when they were still afloat in the bay, Light Heavy Industries brought contemporary and archival aerial imagery datasets into Unreal Engine through the Cesium for Unreal plugin and placed ship models at the location of the wreck outlines.