Cesium Release Roundup September 2019


The Cesium team is growing! This month we were joined by a new 3D graphics engineer, we welcomed two new Cesium babies, and we now have five stellar members of our advisory board. And we’re hiring! Come be part of this exciting moment in 3D geospatial.

Cesium babiesNewest additions to the Cesium family.

Cesium ion updates

Some highlights include:

  • You can now tile data directly from your Amazon S3 storage, enabling a fully cloud-based 3D geospatial workflow.
  • Added an option to disable Draco compression when tiling. This enables streaming your 3D Tiles to clients that don’t support Draco decoding.
  • Imagery tiling is now ~30% faster when source rasters need reprojection.
  • Improved support for FBX models.

A new integration with WebODM makes it easy to tile Open Drone Map data into 3D Tiles.

This photogrammetry mesh of Malalison Island, Philippines, was tiled on Cesium ion and fused with the global Cesium World Terrain. Source data captured by the American Red Cross and processed with OpenDroneMap.

CesiumJS 1.61 release

Some highlights from the CesiumJS 1.61 release are:

  • CesiumJS now renders at the native device resolution by default, improving visual quality for text rendering and in general in many cases.
  • Disabled FXAA by default for higher quality text rendering.
  • Disabled HDR by default to improve visual quality in most standard use cases.

For the full list of changes to CesiumJS, see the change log.

CesiumJS 1.75

Powered by Cesium

To broaden your music horizons, check out Radio Garden. This CesiumJS app live streams more than 17,000 radio stations. Browse the globe to find out what’s playing around the world, from Turkey to Tennessee. While you can search by location, the imagery layer is a topographical rather than political map—after all, radio signals aren’t bound by borders.

Radio GardenRadio Garden lets you browse and listen to radio stations all over the globe.

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