Some Stunning Views of Our Planet on Earth Day


At Cesium today we’re celebrating Earth Day!

One of the best part of my job is exploring our planet every day as I work with Cesium, specifically our terrain data. Cesium World Terrain, curated terrain with resolution as high as 50 cm in some areas, is an easy way to see some stunning 3D views around the world.

So in honor of 49 years of Earth Day and 4.5 billion years of Earth, here’s some of the spots that caught my eye.

GlacierGlacier National Park, Montana.

Colca CanyonColca Canyon in Peru, one of the world’s deepest canyons.

Mount KenyaMount Kenya, one of the highest mountains in Africa.

CanyonlandsCanyonlands National Park, dramatic mesas and gorges of Southern Utah.

Machu PicchuThe Andes Mountains of Peru, home of Machu Picchu.

Ngauruhoe, New ZealandMount Ngauruhoe, an active volcano in New Zealand.

PhiladelphiaDowntown Philadelphia: backyard of the Cesium team.

Whether you’re looking to explore Earth’s greatest heights and depths or get a better view of your own backyard, you can explore our planet with Cesium World Terrain—sign up for free to get started.

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