Josh Lawrence Joins the Cesium Team


Josh Lawrence

We’re thrilled to have Josh Lawrence join the Cesium Team. Josh will be optimizing performance across the stack, starting with the 3D Tiles point cloud pipeline coming soon to Cesium ion, helping to bring massive datasets to browsers everywhere.

Josh previously worked on CPU design at AMD, including on the Zen microarchitecture. Before that he received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Drexel University.

More recently he completed a Master’s degree in Computer Graphics and Game Technologies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was one of Patrick’s students in the GPU Programming course. His studies included physically-based simulations, Vulkan rendering for virtual reality, and other high-performance areas in Computer Graphics. He was also a TA for a course on the mathematics behind computer animation.

Josh spends his free time writing music and building games in Unreal.

Welcome, Josh!

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