Cesium at FOSS4G 2017


Are you as excited about FOSS4G as we are? The schedule is up for this year’s international conference, to be held in Boston, August 14–19, and, as always, Cesium will be all over the conference, from the dedicated 3D geospatial tracks to talks from Cesium users. We’re especially excited to be hosting a number of fantastic Cesium developers, who will demo their work at our booth during session breaks. Here’s your Cesium guide to attending FOSS4G.

10:00 Cesium booth Demo of Apps from the lab of Hidenori Watanave, Kenya Temura
11:30 Waterfront 1AB Talk: Bentley’s travels in the open source world, Pano Voudouris & Martin Icking, Bentley Systems
2:30 Harborview 1 Talk: Weather from 250 miles up, Matthew Lammers, NASA
2:30 Harborview 3 Talk: Local and regional planning in 3D, Justin P. Martinez, DRCOG
5:30 Cesium booth Demo of Scenario Manager for urban planning, Justin P. Martinez, DRCOG
10:30 Waterfront 2 Talk: 3D Tiles in action, Sean Lilley, Cesium
11:00 Waterfront 2 Talk: Why 3D? The benefits of 3D geospatial visualization beyond pretty pictures, Hannah Pinkos, Cesium
11:00 Cityview 1 Talk: Everything old is new again: What open source Google Earth Enterprise means for FOSS4G and Cesium, Matthew Amato, Cesium
Noon Cesium booth Demo of Global Precipitation Mission Viewer, Matt Lammers, NASA
3:00 Waterfront 2 Talk: HOWL: 3D/4D mapping and visualization of Oregon’s wildlands, Ricardo Morin, Ricardo Morin LLC
3:30 Cesium booth Demo of Particle system in Cesium, Jason Beverage, Pelican Mapping
11:00 Cityview 1 Talk: NASA: Mapping software for rapid science decision making while exploring lava flows to simulate a human Mars mission, Tamar E. Cohen, Dr. David S. Lees, Johannes Norheim, Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman, Dr. Matthew C Deans, Yeon Jin Lee, Dr. Darlene S.S. Lim, Ames Research Center
11:30 Cesium booth Demo of HOWL, Ricardo Morin, Ricardo Morin LLC
1:30 Waterfront 2 Talk: Processing imagery from the world’s largest fleet of private satellites, Markus Muller & Michael Weisman, Planet

Anytime you stop by the Cesium booth, you can play the newest Cesium arcade game, talk tech, or check out Bentley’s work. Register for the conference if you haven’t yet, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to meet up.

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