Web3D 2016


Web3D 2016 is coming up July 22–24 in Anaheim, California. Co-located with SIGGRAPH, the conference explores the latest research and developments in web-based interactive 3D graphics.

This year’s program, centered on the theme of “3D for all,” has some great presentations, including some that cover glTF.

Be sure to attend the tutorial by Sean Lilley and Patrick Cozzi of the Cesium team on “The Open Cesium 3D Tiles Specification: Bringing Massive Geospatial 3D Scenes to the Web.” The tutorial provides an deep technical introduction to 3D Tiles, with a focus on the Cesium implementation and designing efficient spatial data structures for streaming diverse datasets.

You’ll also want to catch the talk on “Using glTF for Streaming CityGML 3D City Models,” presented by Arne Schilling, Jannes Bolling, and Claus Nagel.

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