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Point Clouds Tiler

Tile billions of points with millimeter precision

Cesium point cloud tiling is built for performance, and the output is optimized for visual quality and precision. In viewers like CesiumJS, Cesium's tiling enables a smooth, fast experience by taking advantage of the full potential of 3D Tiles.

High performance

Supports production workflows for real-world data by processing upwards of 5 million points per second.

Quality and robustness

Detects optimal configuration settings. Preserves per-point attributes for visualization styling.

Conveniently in the cloud

Upload your data and point your apps at Cesium ion. Also available for self-hosted deployment.

Bring your own data

Support for standard formats including LASer (.las, .laz)

Preserve per-point attributes

The point clouds tiler preserves per-point attributes so you can use this metadata for dynamic runtime styling in your CesiumJS apps.

Set color, size, and visibility using classification, intensity, classification flags, return number, number of returns, scanner channel, scan direction, scan angle, edge of flightline flag, user data, point source ID, GPS time, or custom expression combining multiple attributes.

Millimeter precision

The point clouds tiler preserves source data fidelity for accurate visualizations. The leaf tiles maintain the highest resolution accuracy, so once a view is fully refined you can measure and analyze with confidence.

Make real-world decisions with confidence. With our roots in aerospace, precision is at the core of everything we do.

Point cloud data of a wooden cabin. This highly detailed cabin was compressed from a 4.48 GB LAS down to 0.67 GB.

This highly detailed cabin was compressed from a 4.48 GB LAS down to 0.67 GB.

Point compression

The point clouds tiler provides an option to use Google's Draco point-cloud-aware compression library for fast streaming load times. Compressing data at a finer precision decreases file sizes at no loss, and both precision and compression can easily be tuned to have the best results for your data.

The tiler produces an average 7x reduction compared to the source LAS files and a 3x reduction compared to LAZ. Decoding in CesiumJS is fast, using WebAssembly and running in parallel using web workers.

3D tiling with Cesium ion Self-Hosted

If your enterprise deployment requires the 3D Tiling Pipeline in your environment, let's talk.