Efficiently stream your photogrammetry data, fuse it with other data such as BIM/CAD, and perform high-precision analytics on it such as area and slope computation—all right from your mobile or favorite device.

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Simple data pipeline

Quickly tile the data your drones capture into 3D Tiles, including imagery, photogrammetry models, and point clouds.

Efficient streaming

Load city-scale models in seconds with tools optimized for visualization on desktop or mobile.

3D visibility analytics

Use GPU-accelerated tools for high precision measurements, line of sight, viewsheds, and slope analysis.

Data fusion

Combine your data with any other data, such as CAD/BIM models, high resolution terrain, and satellite imagery for geospatial context.

Success stories


Visualizing massive photogrammetry models and point clouds

DroneDeploy hosts the world’s largest drone data repository, with data covering more than 30 million acres and on 400,000 job sites. Their app, custom built on Cesium’s robust API, uses CesiumJS and Cesium ion’s 3D tiling pipeline to efficiently visualize massive 3D models and point cloud datasets.


Analyzing drone imagery for site management

The Propeller Platform uses aerial imagery acquired by drones to create highly accurate data visualizations of more than 14,000 worksites, from construction to mining to waste management. Their CesiumJS-based 3D map has a resolution up to 1 cm/pixel. Users can fuse orthophotos, high-resolution terrain, point clouds, and contours, make measurements directly on the map, and compare data captured over time.


Unmanned traffic management (UTM) solution

With OneSky, UAV operators plan flights and monitor them in real time. OneSky’s 3D visualizations built on CesiumJS provide greater situational awareness: seeing flights in context with high-resolution terrain and 3D airspace volumes makes it easy to identify potential navigation errors, communication link margins, and FAA airspace incursions.

"Cesium helps us take datasets which would otherwise be too large to stream in their native format, and streamline the delivery of the data efficiently to clients across nominal web connections."

Nate McBee

Product Manager at OneSky

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