Curated 3D Terrain, Buildings, and Imagery

Add real-world context to your applications using curated 3D data with global coverage. Ready to stream over the web from Cesium ion to any compatible client.

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Accurate real-world data

We preserve the accuracy of the source data so you can confidently use it for planning and analysis.

Combine with your own data

Upload your own data to Cesium ion to seamlessly combine it. Get the benefits of your high resolution capture without losing the global context.

Open standards

All our content is available in open standards like 3D Tiles and WMTS so you can use it in any compatible viewer or your own custom applications.

Cesium OSM Buildings

Add real-world context to applications in urban environments with this global 3D buildings layer.

  • Use it as a base layer when analyzing patterns in cities across the world
  • Contains per-feature data like name, address, commercial/residential status, and more
  • Combine with your own high-resolution data to build immersive experiences
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Cesium World Terrain

High resolution global 3D terrain with up to 1 meter accuracy, curated from open and commercial sources.

  • Get accurate elevation data for planning & analysis
  • Create more realistic visualizations by adding your architecture and building models, or drone imagery, on top of 3D terrain
  • Combine your own terrain DEMs with this global layer by uploading them to Cesium ion
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Bing Maps Aerial Imagery

High resolution global satellite imagery from Bing Maps, up to 15 cm resolution. Cesium ion also includes Bing Maps Aerial with Labels, for satellite imagery with city and road labels, or Bing Maps Road for just roads and landmarks.

  • Get realistic visualizations by draping it on Cesium World Terrain or your own DEM
  • City and road labels are available in multiple languages

Sentinel-2 Imagery

Cloudless satellite imagery for the entire world down to 10 meter resolution.

  • Add your own imagery layers on top with CesiumJS
  • Use it in offline applications with an on-premise license of Cesium ion Engine
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