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Cesium Announces First Ecosystem Grant Recipients

Just a month and a half ago Cesium launched Ecosystem Grants, our commitment to fuel innovation, increase interoperability, lower the barrier for entry, and expand the 3D geospatial ecosystem.

Today, we are proud to announce the first four grant recipients. This cohort of recipients impressed us with their commitment to opening the 3D geospatial ecosystem and further using it to solve entrenched challenges. We asked for applications that proved impact beyond the recipient and we believe these projects are ready to do just that:

Agora World, Cesium Ecosystem Grant Recipient

GeoForAll: Simplifying 3D Geospatial Metaverse Creation

Recipient: Ethan Berg, Agora World, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Agora World offers a user-friendly, no-code 3D geospatial metaverse design platform, democratizing access to and empowering users to create immersive experiences.

QGIS logo - Cesium Ecosystem Grant Recipient

3D Tiles Implementation in QGIS

Recipient: Emma Hain, North Road, Queensland, Australia 

This partner project between North Road Consulting (AUS) and Lutra Consulting (UK) expands the 3D Tiles ecosystem by integrating 3D Tiles runtime engine using Cesium Native into QGIS, an Open Source desktop GIS application with over a million users.

Turkey Earthquake Archive, Cesium Ecosystem Grant Recipient

Digital Archives of War and Disasters

Recipient: Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

By building a "digital archive" and communicating the memories of disasters to the world, this project seeks to motivate society to learn from the past and apply it to the future.

Vietnam War Missing in Action (MIA) Support - Cesium Ecosystem Grant Recipient

Vietnam War Missing in Action (MIA) Support

Recipient: Peter Kimberley, Gradata Systems, Canberra, Australia

With previous success mapping Australian presence in the Vietnam War, this project’s mission is to assist the Vietnamese people (through the Vietnamese Government) with finding their ancestors who were war casualties.

Visit the Grant Directory to learn more about the recipients. If you are inspired to submit an application, visit Cesium Ecosystem Grants to learn more and apply.